Regional integration

Regional integration

Lawyers have a role to play in regional integration and the achievement of the regional industrialisation strategy especially in the area of harmonisation of legal and fiscal regimes while promoting cross border legal practice. This is why, among other reasons, ALPHA JUSTICE CHAMBERS is becoming a leader in regional integration trainings, focussing on East African Community law and English and Swahili languages. We absolutely understand that we have a significant role to play in raising awareness of East African Community citizens through trainings relating to:

-Regional trade;

-Customs regulations;

-Tariff regimes;

-Customs procedures;

-Free movement of goods, persons, labour, services and capital;

-Right of establishment;

-Right of residence;

-Monetary union;

-East African Court of Justice jurisdiction;

If you are involved in a legal process and in need of help before the East African Court of Justice (among other regional and international courts), ALPHA JUSTICE CHAMBERS is ready to assist you with significant and professional skills