Commercial and civil dispute resolution

Practical advice, creative solutions, positive results

ALPHA JUSTICE CHAMBERS has significant experience representing clients in a wide variety of disputes. Our firm has a strong background in complex issues ranging from breach of contract and intellectual property infringement to employment law and claims of business fraud. Our knowledgeable team has so far handled challenging cases before different courts of justice in Burundi. Whether it is in negotiation or in the courtroom, we represents businesses and individuals using an approach that is cost-effective and results-oriented.

Providing comprehensive litigation services for more than 3 years

ALPHA JUSTICE CHAMBERS has a successful history of helping individuals, small business owners and corporate clients resolve their legal disputes and litigation matters. Our experienced team has so far handled complex cases involving:

-Partnership and close corporation

-Contract disputes

-Business dissolution proceedings

-Banking disputes

-Employment disputes

-Breaches of contract

-Real estate disputes

-Landlord/tenant disputes

-Claims of unfair or deceptive business practices

If you are involved in a legal dispute with a business, property owner or other party, our lawyers provide aggressive representation. We skilfully defend your rights and protect your legal and financial interests.


Protecting your interests in and out of court

Effective litigation requires skill, experience and judgment. At ALPHA JUSTICE CHAMBERS, the professionals have a reputation for being aggressive, thorough and practical when defending the rights and interests of our clients.  Whether the case involves a simple contractual matter or a complex multi-party action, our lawyers are prepared to litigate from the first stages of the case through to appeal if necessary. Additionally, our firm provides sound legal counsel and advice so that you can avoid litigation moving forward. We believe in proactive, informative advocacy that helps you anticipate hostile situations and successfully resolve the issue if it cannot be avoided